General Snuff

General is a snuff brand from the Swedish snuff (Swedish snus) manufacturer Swedish Match. General is the most popular brand in Sweden and are availible in around 20 different flavors/sizes. You can read much about the General snuff brand here, generalsnus. The most popular type is the General original and the General extra strong, both of this has a distinct flavor of tobacco with a hint of citrus. More than half of the types has the same flavor but comes in different types and sizes. The Swedish snuff comes in two major types, loose weight and in portion packed (pouches). The loose snuff you have to form a portion with your hands and this is more used by the experienced users while the portion packed comes in pouches (almost like small tea bags). The portion snuff comes in different sizes, maxi, large, medium, mini and long.

2 thoughts on “General Snuff”

  1. My quick stop in westlake is closing
    i need a new location to buy
    usually buy pouch general white
    live in manchaca which is just south of austin tx off i35

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